New term, for me (never read it before): The Vendor Silo.

    Here’s part of the source.

There’s an element to this, though, that strikes a chord deep with me. It has to do with every topic from “vertical integration” to “resources” to “business model.”

None of that matters much to me. I’ve dabbled with metrics and understanding the tides of the inter-webs. Unlike the sea, where the tide is steady and predictable, follows the Sun and the Moon, the inter-webs have this emotional component, and then, a quick-like bounce rate.

Make one mistake, and the pattern is set. To this day, one of my buddies will have nothing to do with the Death Star (AT&T) from a customer service issue years ago.

I’ve gone back and forth with them, but it’s three good calls to one bad one. About the same for me and my current hosting provider.

    Interesting to note that GoDaddy, due to the advertising alone, I can’t support them, but their service has always been slipshod in my experience, and the company is straying away from ‘cloud hosting.’

I don’t know what the ‘Vendor Silo’ is, not exactly. But I can see that most companies like to get a person locked into a single company for products, services and then, everything.

I tend to stray away from that. Then, again, I prefer customer and clients who can think for themselves.