“New Age” people, post-modern astrologers, palm readers, energy healers, psychics and light workers are a strange bunch.

At one, they are some of the earliest adopters of tech and in the same breath, most afraid of it.

My first “website” was on a University of Texas student account, buddy of mine was experimenting, and he liked my astrology, circa, 1993. By 1994, I was coding some basic stuff, and he would put it up on his student server.

Next, the editor I worked with, he got an idea, and some material went up as a test on a server in Seattle. (Microsoft.)

I hand-coded and uploaded horoscopes off and on, and at one point, I was at the mercy of a webmaster. By 1995, I had a working knowledge of websites, and my horoscopes regularly burned the most bandwidth on that server.

Librarians — Virgo types — turn me on, as they’re true information architects. I’ve been building websites and managing websites since 1994. I have a working knowledge of legends, myths, and Internet memes, so I can quickly assemble the necessary parts to make a website accessible, useful — and most important? Easy for a psychic to manage.

My specialized knowledge is available, as a succinct package.

I’m offering, while its not limited to psychics, seers, and new-age hanger-ons, it is most beneficial for these people as I’m more tuned to their very specific needs.

I’ve done this, not as a hobby, but as background, supporting work, for the last 20 years. In Internet terms, I’m really old.

I was “blogging” before there was a term for it. I published on my own sites since 1995, and since 1998, I’ve been the only architect.

    I was there, Ground-Zero, when the term “blogging” became accepted. Borne out of a desire to wrestle meaning into my own life, I started an online web-journal, as an adjunct, experimental & experiential, as a way to understand yet-another NDE. The original archives are still online, hand-coded and uploaded each day.

Best practices, high volume, and most current design specifics, I’m abreast of the latest gossip, facts, and most important, needs.

So as an adjunct to being an astrologer, the Fishing Guide to the Stars, I’m also a consultant for getting your business on the web. Quick, easy, painless. Inexpensive, too.

Here’s the deal, as a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, my services are available. The special needs of our community require certain details. My education and background, plus years of experience, all of that pays.

Some restrictions apply, see fine print for details.