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This is such a perfect example, to me. Obviously a certain brand of coffee, and yet, why I like that image so much?

The parent’s brand is nowhere visible. Yet we all know where that is.

Yes, Netflix, and that Lick

Drop you like a needle on the record, scratch my itch, watch you walk in circles, hit the beat

–via deadmau5
“Dead Mouse” — he’s been written into a couple of horoscopes already. As has Yes’s “Fragile,” along with “Gods of Southern Guitar Rock,” like the Allman Brothers and similar bands.

What I found, I’m about to drop Netflix, but while I was trying to figure how to get my money’s worth, I happened across a 2003, 2005, something, Yes concert — that was worth it.

Netflix is built on the Long Tail, but just how much do I need access to older footage is questionable, at best. I did look for a few classic — nowhere to be found.

Yes, as ‘art rock,’ or ‘progressive,’ set the stage for Deadmau5. The first concert video I watched? Probably better than being there because, let’s face it, I don’t handle rave conditions too well? That aforementioned Dead Mouse.

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