Crap I Missed the Birthday

12 – Aug – 1998

That’s 14 years on the same URL. 14 years, same e-mail addresses. That’s too weird. I was complaining about spam, and realized, I’d had that e-mail address for all of those 14 years. Still valid.

Creation Date: 12-aug-1998
Expiration Date: 11-aug-2021

Words of Wisdom?

Before you pray —

Before you write —

It’s not that it doesn’t apply to me, it’s that it I don’t work that way. I pray when I don’t believe, but still need some kind of cosmic help. I have tried to stay away from the “Oh god, get me out of this and I’ll never do it again” situations, but that’s as much a function of age as it is belief.

Not wisdom, but hard-won practical experience. “That hurts.”

Yes, it does hurt and the pain is a great educator.

I pray, almost daily, but that doesn’t mean that I believe.

Then, “Before you write, think?” Seriously? You’re kidding, right? I take that back, I have several friends who should think before they write, but this is clearly a situation where I’m not thinking first. If I stopped and thought about it? There would be no volume of work. I thought long enough to think it was a good idea, and the rest is up to what comes out of the typewriter. Keyboard, really.

Action, not inactivity, that’s how this gets done. Spend too much time “thinking about it?” Nothing happens.

Doesn’t mean that some people shouldn’t have a breathalyzer on their phones.

Plug in a keyboard and see where it goes. Much more fun that way.

There is no think, only do.