Cookbook Astrology, part II (3)

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

Cookbook Astrology, part II (3)

Fixing lunch the other day, I started with dollop of Virgin Olive Oil(1), then I slit open a bag of All-Natural, grass-fed, Texas Longhorn Beef. Picked that up in the farmer’s market.

The previous day, I had the meat seasoned with “taco” seasoning, primarily cumin, garlic and onion, with a splash of chili powder. This time, I was doing something, a little different.

Chopped up some portobello mushroom, chopped up a pepper, added a small amount of onion powder, and I’ve got this great spice, like a home-made seasoning salt, locally produced, basil, oregano, other stuff. No salt.

Standing at the stove, watching the meat brown and simmer, I was thinking about cookbook astrology.

Same recipe, every day. Same ingredients, mixed the exact same way. Every day. Same way, day-in and day-out.

For me, for my palate, that would get boring. Exact same thing, all the time. No way.

Besides, in life, how many functions are identical, each and every day? When I walk to the post office, sometimes I go by the coffee shop first. Or the bank. Or the market. Or, I’ll walk along a creek. Maybe the river. Perhaps the River Walk itself.

Never the exact same path. Sometimes a big change, sometimes a little change. Sometimes through the historic neighborhood, sometimes through the barrio(2), all depends.

When I do a chart reading, frequently, I do have certain rote materials. Not terribly rehearsed, except for the part about “Send me an e-mail when we’re done, with your first name, last name, date-of-birth, time-of-birth, and place-of-birth allover again, and …” That much? It is formulaic.

The rest, though, isn’t a formula. There isn’t one way to approach a reading. Each one is new and different. Weird when I get a whole family, or an inter-connected group, what with interlocking Moons, Suns, and other personal points in their charts. I’ve seen it.

Other times, like last time, there was rash of Scorpio. Or a virtual glut of Virgo. All depends.

Which is why, look at it, there’s a basic problem with “canned” astrology. Check to make sure there are no repeats. Last Thursday’s Sagittarius isn’t next Tuesday’s Virgo — I’ve seen it on certain sites, and around here? That will never work.

Another cool move, I’ve observed, as the moon slips almost daily into another position, the Lunar House text can be canned and never-changing.

Good luck with that.

    (1) Q. Where does virgin olive oil come from? A.1. Ugly olives? A.2. Olives born in Late August or early September?
    (2) The “‘hood,” as my neighbors refer to the neighborhood.
    (3) cf.,Cook Book Astrology, part 1

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