The Brooks Review and eCommerce

Two RSS Feed items, first, an article here about recent rulings.

Then an open letter to The Brooks Review

I’ve very much enjoyed stumbling into The Brooks Review. Very specifically, as a tech writer, he’s passionate — to the point of OCD — about certain topics.

I love his writing about knives, luggage, and tech. Three topics, any one of which, can make me sit up and take notice. The writing is vigorous and concise. Well-crafted. Presentation is immaculate, minimalist, almost to an art form.

This piece is about another topic that I know something about — pay-for-view on the web.

I had such a discussion, mostly with myself and the cat, about what to do. I was living in a trailer in South Austin. I admire TBR’s solution, one I employ. Does it work? Mostly, it works well. I’ll be interested in the mechanics of the solution, hosting matters, and so forth.

My current trend is to just read TBR in my RSS reader. Two, three times I’ve followed suggestions for iPad and Mac apps. Mostly successful. There’s a touch, as an esthete and a writer myself, that I appreciate with the ongoing issue with application icons.

I would say it’s silly and pointless, but I have at least one app, on my iPad, that I held onto because the app’s icon was cool. I made it work, eventually. I suspect, as part of the zeitgeist, TBR is onto some marketing trick — icons that make a buyer buy.

That attention to detail is important to me. His ongoing search for the perfect shoulder bag then backpack, I know this one well. Traveling and only carrying an iPad, not totally replacing a laptop, but close? Again, familiar ground.

What’s nicest, though, I understand that artist internal angst searching for balance between the spirit of creation, writing can be labor intensive, and the need to see recompense for that time spent creating.