Terminology and Language

After years and years of personal consultations, I developed certain shorthand phrases. One of them brings up a good Mercury in Retrograde point.

The term was, “Time on a couch.” To me, that refers to a single, congruent set of circumstances. There are a variety of ways to achieve what I’m referring to as “Time on a couch.”

In the almost caricature way, leavened with some brittle humor, “Time on a couch,” the way I mean it, is about time spent in psycho-therapy with a trained professional. There is no substitute for a trained professional. However, the same results can be achieved in a number of different pursuits. “Therapy” isn’t the only solution. I think it’s a good one, for many, but not the only route to take.

So the term refers to time spent in repose, while a shrink goes through and asks, “How did that make you feel?” It’s almost comical, the image is originally derived from Freud and the patient is reclined on the couch. Where my term comes from. I don’t even think it’s really my term, just a purloined expression that covers much ground in a short time.

But “Time on the couch,” the effects therein? That can be accomplished in a number of ways. I’ve met more than one person who “Got straight with God,” and now they all go to church or something. A recent encounter with a member in good standing of particular sect (that doesn’t get much good press these days), that didn’t alter my opinion. Got in good with the lord, all it takes, call it what you will.

That’s one variation on the theme, and others? Spent time in deep self-analysis via astrology, numerology, perhaps a seance, something. Transcendental Meditation. Staring at one’s own navel.

It refers to sorting out material that collects in one’s head. Memories, dreams, reflections. All that. Metaphysical material.

The spiritual hook, another stock phrase I frequently use, “Do you go to church?” I’m not a big fan of organized religion, but I often suggest that as a beginning for a building a relationship with one’s self.

“As good as any,” and my comment?

“I know, right?”

Take apart an astrology chart, go through it piece by piece, then look at the disparate parts as a whole. Spend time in deep reflection and self-analysis.

Fish. Run a marathon. Time spent alone — in contemplation.

There are a number of valid, if not all legitimate, ways to achieve the same end result. It’s a modicum of self-enlightenment. Self-understanding.

In short, this kind of understanding comes from “Time on a couch.”

I used that very expression with one client and the directions all went sideways in a hurry. Part of the entertainment world, as in Television and Film? Part of that world?

“Time on a couch” implies a casting couch.

At first blush, I thought a casting couch was the props department, as in “This couch would look good in that scene,” like, the couch was cast.

Apparently that’s not the implied meaning.

For that industry, the term, “Time on a couch,” the terms implies sexual favors for benefits.

Who knew?