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Two-Meat Tuesday Special Edition
As a reformed gear-head, I still have an intellectual interest in automotive trivia. Make, model, year, style, motor, and, of course, custom mods.

I have a profound academic interest in both Low Riders and Monster Trucks. Regrettably, for the last few years, I have standing January appearance date that conflicts with the big Monster Truck show here. That would be fun. Maybe when I retire.

The article is from digging around on the web, and it was the headline hot-link that caught my attention.

Flipping through the article, the “Ten Worst Cars of All-Time,” I noticed a handy trick, each car was on its own page. So page views went from a count of one, to see the article, blown out ten times, to see all the cars in the list.

That particular site, the article with the accompanying visual, that was less than 30% of the page space. Rest was advertising, some targeted, some blind. Banners, flashing bits, more stories on the site, etc.

Too bad the visual clutter detract from the content. Originally, in newspapers, our model, there is an equitable 60/40 split, with ads being 60% and “serious” content being 40%.

I’m still trying to find my “Ten Best Horoscopes” of all time. Should, to be fair, be 12 best, but the top ten list sells better.

Two-Meat Tuesday.

Title: Two-Meat Tuesday

ISBN-13: 978-1411638723