Mercury Retrograde and month-end pieces

To this day, my main — and preferred — point of contact is e-mail, cf.,

There are two points about this article I like.

1) It is, to me, a fresh perspective on what e-mail should look like and how the interface could be vastly, yet simply, improved.

2) The name itself,, I like the minimalist approach. Less is more.

Unrelated Headline Observations:


Aurora, CO – I don’t know what the body count is at, last that I heard 14 (?).

Goliad, TX – two, three days later, a truckload of “immigrants” slams into tree. 14 dead, body parts everywhere.

No mention on the national media, eclipsed by the one tragedy.

Not much of a tragedy, not on the same scale. I pay so little attention to certain media, I almost missed it. The problem is proportions.

While by no means either an expert or really even acquainted with the details, I do read easily between the lines. Single car accident with a fixed object? Pretty sure indication of drunk driving.

Compounded situation, the problem, first? Undocumented workers, probably illegals. Then, 23 in a single pickup truck?

None of this matters as much, though, as the idea that — equal body count — no saturation in media.

Shakespeare on business.

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