Linked In & Twitter

Game Changers

Linked In and Twitter changed their rules. The nature of the relationship changed. Used to be, one fed the other. Now the other is feeding the one.

Here’s the deal, as it relates to me.

Nothing changed.

I structure my online relationships, the wiggly bits that talk to each other, I follow a safe and structurally sound design. Starts with my copy on my blog which is run with a WordPress motor combined with a theme, that make it highly extensible.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

The content starts here, gets picked up by the various other distribution points, but it starts here.

The blog feeds Twitter, linked in, FB, and so forth.

Not the other way around. Which is why, big changes in their operating processes?

Doesn’t fundamentally affect me.

At all.

New tag line?

Trends with benefits – follow on twitter for all the updates!

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