I want some NASTY

I want some NASTY

That’s it.

A window sticker. I was going to use it as a Sky Friday entry, as the back glass clearly reflected the coastal prairie clouds, but it’s just an image.

What amused me endlessly was the message. It speaks to a level of car culture that I’m at a complete loss to understand. I can appreciate it, yes, that’s true. I appreciate it, revere it, occasionally study it, at least some critics thinks I mock the car culture, but in my heart, I know that’s not true.

I don’t get it. Not entirely. When I was much younger, a stripped and modified for speed machine was a turn-on. Had to do with unfulfilled lust issues, I’m sure, or something with over-protective parents. I’m not sure.

My car culture died with a series of fun, ascetic motorcycles and a handful of British “sports” cars. As a pedestrian, I’m amused and impressed with car culture. Like that sticker on the window.

The car culture transcends normal bounds, for sure.

There were two other images that tied me to this cultural, or rather, tied to my affection for, and general respect (and awe) of — one was a mid-70’s, maybe a Monte Carlo, I’m not sure, with “Momma’s Toy” across the back glass. I captured it in the middle of the street with San Antonio’s “Tower of the Americas” as a backdrop. The other was a totally tricked older Pick-Up, “Move your switches, not your lips.” Or something akin to that.


I don’t get it all the time, and I may miss nuances, but I love the effort and artistry.