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Welcome to Apple’s Mountain Lion

Wasn’t even a question, I just hit the “Buy Now” button. $19.95?

Sure. I listened while the hard drive ground away, and finally, after a dozen clicks and passwords and crap, I just took a hike. Not an issue for me — not hanging out to watch the status bar and ticking cursor count down to an upgrade.

So far, there have been few issues. I did lose all my RSS feeds, but the old way was getting cumbersome to manage. My first thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had one RSS reader that captured everything, from my feeds to the various lists I look at?”

Like, I have some stuff on Google’s Reader, and what I wanted was a way to just have all the RSS feeds pointed there, then I can read it on whatever machine I have handy.

I’m not totally on board with Google knowing everything about me, but as a way to coordinate my feeds, that seems okay.

It’s like this, Google Reader is the place I pickup my feeds, and that way, I’m safe all the way across my spectrum of strange interests, from Shakespeare to local Texas music. And Techno.

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