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Search Engine Optimization suggestions?

Just a general comment, not real long. A link from a link, got me on web page that advertised itself as some type of SEO Tools. The short script measured the ratio of text to code and spit out a number that meant something, presumably higher or lower was good.

The problem, I was reading it in a streaming Twitter feed, and when I went back in regular browser, an ad started streaming. Video ad, with noise. Annoying video ad with an annoying soundtrack while some guy pitched product.

When I pitch a product, one, it’s something I’ve used — and believe in — and, two, the material is passive. The ad right here shows how I figure it should be done.

I found the pop under, pop over and streaming AV content frankly disheartening. Won’t be frequenting that site, no matter how important the text to code ratio is.

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