One Sixteenth

Family lore is rich in historicity….
Facts and fictional….

According to my uncle, validated by his sister, my wee Scorpio mum, which makes the data suspect, his and her grandmother’s husband was a blue-eyed Mexican.

“He always claimed he was Castilian.”

So that makes me one sixteenth Mexican, and if that’s true, then I do have rhythm, and fashion sense.

“So if I wore a dark suit with a deep purple silk shirt and white tie, I could get away with it? I’d look sharp?”



“Kramer? Yeah, probably not a good idea.”

While family lore suggests striation and variance within the family bloodline, evidence so far does not bare this — at all.

Blue and brown blood has long since been thinned away by a preponderance of Northern European white wash.

True stories. I believe everything my family tells me.