Father’s Day

Father’s Day, through the Signs:

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

Grace asked for help on her monthly column (El Paso).

It runs 350 words, that being her stated target length, each month, and my assistance gave rise to a few ideas of my own.

I offered great contributions, but some of my ideas never made it onto the page.

“(sign) women are ALL bat-crap crazy! Really fun, just don’t marry one!”

I had similar advice along the lines of several signs, and I didn’t even merit a roll of the eyes.

Aries: Short of attention span, get an Aries Dad a Kindle Version The Portable Mercury Retrograde. Electronic media suits that Aries mind best.

Taurus: The sign of the Bull needs something that matches his bull. I’ve long emphasized the romantic side of Taurus, but this isn’t a perfect setting my Fishing for Love, for all that bull? A hard copy of Two Meat Tuesday.

Gemini: Order up this Gemini dad a copy printed-out copy of The Portable Mercury Retrograde.

Cancer: Get him a grill. It’s manly, and useful, and best of all? Used for cooking.

Leo: Leo a dad is mighty and and old-fasioned in a good way. A traditional book, in print form? Pink Cake, a quotation for every day and every situation. Handy for Leo at loss for word.

Virgo Next Month, Mercury goes Retrograde. A handy e-book form of Mercury News he can use? As Virgo perfect as can be.

Libra: San Pedro Creek is a collection of essays and images, perfect for a Libra Dad, as it’s both funny and sad, and short on the content.

Scorpio: In my various copies of Bare Foot Astrology, I suggested that there’s no way to extract revenge on a Scorpio. Because of quotes like that, a copy of the lecture and workshop might satisfy the Scorpio dad. Bare Foot Astrology.

Sagittarius: I’ve always enjoyed the indirect style of the side-project, and that means the Sagittarius dad would probably approve of a Kindle copy of the first collection. Annotated, but just barely. Good for the Sagittarius attention span.

Capricorn: I enjoy Marcus Aurelius. Although dated, an archaic public domain translation, here’s a link to a free copy of his “Meditations.” Subtitle? Living, dying and the good life. Good inspiration for a Cap Dad.

Aquarius: Hey, every dad has needs, right? There’s a subtle innuendo with the title, Make Sure You Get Your, but that was intentional. For the Aquarius Dad? Pick one that applies this week. Timely, and thoughtful, but most of all, timely.

Pisces: Get him a grill for his grill.

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