Two-Meat Tuesday Special

Special Shout Out to Lawrence Ball, not decomposing.

Free versus premium versus whatever

(Previously noted.)

The “anatomy of a buy” entry covers my first exposure to Beats Antique and the subsequent purchase of the download music. While I have no definitive answers, what happened, before the “band” played the big gig in the desert (Cochello?) — there was a publicity push, and three albums were available from Beats Antique as free downloads. Mailing list kind of a deal, free download for joining the mailing list, which, as of yet, I really don’t get but one or two messages from that list, at least, not yet.

I’m not the least bit disappointed that I got a free album that matches one I bought, the tracks are the same, and I know, with iTunes, the band gets paid.

I’m still — occasionally — scouring local CD stores to see if I can find a hard copy of the album. More from artistic curiosity than anything else.

Free? Give it away? Charge? Give it away to friends? What’s best?