The First Rule of Ten review

First note? Cadence to the prose.

    The First Rule of Ten

The worst thing, no, the second worst thing about this book? Hay House. The first worst thing? The horrible, awful, prose about the book, written, quite possibly, by sales hacks who never read the book.

I bought it on Apple’s iBooks, $1.99, as a cheap gamble. The right price for an afternoon, throw-away read, the biggest problem being I can’t pass the “book” on to someone else. I can recommend it, though.

Well-written, thoughtful, even mindful, if you will. Tibetan Monk turns LAPD, turns private detective. Has a cat. All the right stuff for a ripping yarn.

Which it is.

Further along, the topography of LA, I’m guessing here, plays some part of the cultural background to the tales.

Also, when the subplots, personal intrigues, and background material is interesting, cogent, and properly paced, that helps.

A lot.

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Call it, “Mindful Murder Mystery.”

>I am truly annoyed with you.
>I had other plans for today…
>and all I’ve done is read.
>Cannot put it down. I’m
>about 40% into it and I may
>be up all night.
>And it’s all your fault, sirrah!

Another Ten title. (#10, I think).