Mi Tierra

Several magazines, then the Grey Lady herself, all wrote eloquently — and rather misinformed — about TexMex in Texas.

TexMex is the original fusion cuisine as it combines elements of several cultures. Southern (American Southern, e.g., Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana) is layered in with more traditional native Central American dishes.

Out of curiosity, more than anything else, I looked up material about the ubiquitous tamale, and found it has its origins buried in South and Central America, with antecedents and roots stretching at least 5,000 years back in time.

BBQ, it started as a way to deal with leftover cattle parts, the bits and pieces no one wanted.

A quick view of Mi Tierra’s dining room, a morning table setting, a holiday header, and best of all, Pink Cake.

Mi Tierra is open 24 hours a day.

Bars, in Texas, serve liquor until 2 AM, with proper licensing. Means the best time — and and arguably the best food — in mi Tierra? Breakfast a good TexMex breakfast, between 3 and 7 AM. always the best. Most entertaining and the best choice for food.

Pink Cake

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