Lecture Time

I’ll work some more material in, hopefully in the near future, but I was reviewing some lecture notes, material for up and coming presentations.

One of the most successful lectures I’ve delivered, it was all extemporaneous in both content and delivery. I ran through all the signs and the way a certain planet influence could — and would — be interpreted, consequences, actions, reactions, warnings, and solutions.

The totally off-the-cuff aspect of that lecture was thrilling for me, as I had to think on my feet. Just enough of the puzzle to keep my mind interested in delivering a competent lecture.

Now, the last time I tried that? I was less successful. My built-in editor was shouting in my ear, “Don’t give away any of the stuff you’re charging for!”

Still, I enjoyed it the first time so thoroughly, I was thinking of doing it again. Topics that are adequately challenging to me, and yet, don’t want to give away any trade secrets.

A couple of my lectures are available via the subscribers’ download page, both written and a shortened video clip.

There are a few lectures — should properly be called presentation — slots up and coming.

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