iPhoto and Aperture

Aperture compared to iPhoto

Begs the question, and I thought about it because I was trying to date a single image without looking it up in the photo database. I’m unsure if this is recent or older, could go back almost a decade, or I took it last month. Last week?

Means I’d have to fire up iPhoto, the program I use the most for digital image storage and rudimentary edits. Not a lot of editing because that goes against the original premise, point and shoot, no fancy gear.

I’ve changed up, a little, as I use a phone for many of my images; although, the phone isn’t the exclusive tool that I use for grabbing pictures. I still have an almost disposable, sub-$100 camera that I use from time to time. I’m on its third camera chip, as the images, even at a meager 5-megs, that’s only a few thousand plus a little bit of spurious (filler) video.

Funny, isn’t it, I’ll call it “taping” when there isn’t any magnetic tape anywhere around. All digital, bits and bytes, resolves to ones and zeros. No magnetic tape, no magnetic ink.

Currently, I absolutely do not shoot in RAW format, the main advantage to using Apple’s Aperture. The press is good as a stepping stone between Photoshop and iPhoto, and the biggest problem I have these days is trying to corral the tens of thousands of original digital images in whatever native format. I’d say they are all in raw format, but that confuses the issue with the RAW format. Most of mine pop off the cameras in jpg, or some antiquated ones are still in jpeg. All the same.

Early one, like more than a decade in the distance past, I’ve done a pixel-by-pixel “clean-up” of an image. Excruciating work. Borders on mind-numbing. While I can do it, it’s not entertaining, intriguing, or even worth the effort. Results aren’t worth the expense in time.

My original question about jumping and upgrading, though, it had to do with working with my images. Not really a livelihood at this time, just a passing interest. Worth noting that that the two image sites, limited to 500 pixels wide, kramerwetzel.com and the ubiquitous side project, BexarCountyLine.com, bring in enough advertising revenue to suggest that they do “make money,” albeit, just enough to cover the cost of the hosting. Still, it is a small joy.

Soul’s joy lies in the doing.

Wrote my way through it, and I still don’t know if I’ll buy Apple’s Aperture.