Bodes No Well

Friday, it happened.

First time, this is my second or third iPhone. I was walking, talking, had been for about two miles, which makes for interesting stares in the post office, but never mind that.

I got home, sat in the sun by the pool for a few moments, and then the phone went dead. I could vaguely make out some symbol, and since that is my primary camera, I couldn’t take a picture.

The phone overheated. Shuts itself off. Usually, I’m in the water and the phone is under a towel or shirt or something, but I’d been waving it around, animatedly talking to the marketing guy, and we were just going on and on, and the phone over heated.

To be fair, black phone, black Otter Box case, and it was all in the direct May South Texas Sun for the last two hours. I was over heated, too, but I was getting into a pool soon enough.

As harbingers go, doesn’t bode well for a warm summer.

Unrelated Omens:
The newly released Retrograde Venus (stand-alone) piece?

It didn’t have the dates for this year.

It’s correct, now.