Panic on the Disco Floor

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

Perspicacious buddy of mine sent me a link to an astrology and metaphysical site that had dire warnings about symbolism in a near-future astrological-astronomical event.

Clasp hands to the side of your head and scream, “Oh no,”

I’d like to point to my own entry, note the original date of publication, here.

Me? I have difficulties pandering to general hysteria and fear. I did title one lecture, “Fear This!” (Mercury was retrograde in Aries while Mars was Retrograde in Virgo.)

Listening to the other readers, there was a bifurcated theme. Even though there was retrogrades, they were in each others signs and that means not as bad. Then there was the word on the street, “I’ve had bad Mercury Retrogrades, but this one topped it all.”

I offer several inexpensive shorts that explain what to do when the planets are stacked against us. The positive side of negative energies.

The energies are addressed, each week.

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