Method Music

Remiss that I am, in taking so long to get around to posting about this “album.”

    Mea Culpa.

Rather a tasty bit of musical interlude that defies description. I’m thinking it’s along the lines of cosmic music, some of the earlier “space” music, but there’s evidence, in my mind, of obvious “classical” training, whatever that might entail.

The music is gentle and evocative.

The composer, more like a musical note herder, perhaps an artistic midwife in some terms, he’s also a mathematician. Makes it all that much more interesting (to me, for sure.)

Method Music from Lawrence Ball (Virgo)

Before the whole CSI franchise, the Who, “Who?”

“The Who.”

Anyway, before legendary immortality via TV, the Who’s primary, Pete Townsend worked with Lawrence on another project, and this is a side-project that yielded fruit.

More here.

It’s gentle music, almost meditation music, but not quite. Meditational? Sure, that’s as good a word as any. Roots in rock and roll, art rock, classical, and classic rock. Space music, with a hat tip to Album Oriented Rock.

But it’s not rock music, just a modern composition and arrangement, magnificently rendered at the more than capable hands of Lawrence Ball.

Naturally, I’m pre-disposed to liking art that pays homage to Syd Barrett. There’s a track dedicated to him, and in some way, remotely linked, but I’m not sure how.

They all come from a small island in the North Atlantic. (?)