GCB and Dallas

“As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”
— That’s Texan for “Karma’s a bitch.”

I never got the whole “Dallas” (TV soap) thing. I recall being in London, and asked, “Texas? Know JR?”

The allusion escaped me. So the billboard for GCB intrigued me. The real title is even better, Good Christian Bitches. Got cleaned up for TV.

I like Annie Potts. Think it was some of her earlier film work, a distant memory from childhood. She’s an October Scorpio. Figures (sex appeal).

Watching her rack a round in a nickel-plated 12-gage just gets me, “Right here.”

The dialogue is stiff, the acting slightly wooden or even just a caricature of what real people talk like, and the scenery is less than authentic. Designed to rail and riff on Highland Park, once a Dallas suburb, now a completely enclosed enclave with surrealistic lifestyles that mirror the best — and worst — of humanity, I’d be curious to hear how it is received elsewhere.

My early prognostication is that it will be pulled or placed in another slot. I can’t see it doing well where it is.

An early review, online someplace else, summed it well by suggesting it was a show about Texans, written by California people. It’s what they think we should look and sound like.

There’s at least one scene that I recognize from a movie — clearly a back lot in Southern California as no terrain within a hundred miles of Dallas looks like that. Seen it in another movie, too, again, purported to be Texas. Lacks verisimilitude.

It’s TV — reality was the first casualty — the funny part? I got distant family in Dallas. Too true. Well, my Dallas cousins aren’t anywhere near that mean and petty — really, the family is good and Christian. That TV show? As perceptions? Not bad.