Promo Reels

Which is an odd name as there is no “reel,” no girls on film, this is all digital.

The first was a short presentation, strictly for Bare Foot Astrology, and the outline, chalk-talk is here.

The other comes in two flavors, both mp4 and dot mov.

The mp4 was a nod to a buddy, since he refuses to do a dot mov format. “Dinosaur,” what he called himself. Otherwise, it’s a very common format.

It was a hilarious afternoon in Bubba’s “backyard,” as it were. We were at Black’s BBQ, one of the crown jewels in the Texas Holy Trinity of BBQ joints, which used to be Kruez’s, Floyd’s and Black’s. Now there’s Kruez’s, Smitty’s, Floyd’s (Chisolm Trail) and Black’s.

Black’s has been in the same family since it was first opened, making it the longest — continuously running by the same family — place.

Off my server –
dot mov version and
mp4 version.

You Tube

We were trying to decide what was more scary, us, the tourists, the fact we’ve known each other that long, or capturing the speaker in his natural state.

He doesn’t like doing video.