Bare Foot Astrology

Two people are sitting, chatting with that familiarity born out of long-term camaraderie. Similar background, similar life-experiences, they could be brothers or sisters. There is one difference, in part, it has to do with an internal happiness, evident self-satisfaction and peace — inner peace.

The other difference is subtle earmarks of success — crass, commercial success — the cut of the clothes, the casual yet studied grace. There’s a certain Buddha-like clam that comes with money in the bank.

The difference is that the the two people have different views of astrology and by that extension, horoscopes.

Astrology, coordinating the placement of the planets, the current movement of those planets in their ordained spheres, and drawing out the meaning, it’s both an art and a science.

How to interpret this information? Where to start? Now to get a grasp on the material?

Bare Foot Astrology —

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Bare Foot Astrology

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