Taster’s Choice

Not long ago, I was headed to the coast for a fishing trip. While most motels and condos are equipped with coffee makers, early morning departures I’ll sometimes use the single best Starbucks product every invented: instant coffee. The Seattle global chain, while the coffee is dubious at best, their refined instant? Little single serving size sleeve, especially the Italian Roast?

I find it soothing and pleasing to the palate. They got it right.

So last time I was headed down to fish, a quick grocery stop, I couldn’t find any of the Starbucks instant, but for a fraction of the cost, I got, maybe a dozen, little sleeves of Taster’s Choice – freeze dried coffee crystals.

In part, I just assumed it was part of the Devil’s Elbow’s rustic flavor, but that’s not totally true, there’s even a nascent chain of quality coffee shops there. Rockport doesn’t have a Starbucks, and the one in Corpus Christi is not convenient, and crowded. The Coffee Waves is a best choice.

I can easily recall when Taster’s Choice was the much-desired brand. Better than anything else, especially with its Freeze-Dried technology and appeal. Marketing gimmick. Worked, low these many years later. That shows the power of branding.

There was a measure of desperation in my choice, but I was happily proven wrong. The marvel, though, wasn’t that the coffee was palatable, no, the biggest thing, for me, was that the packaging was the big deal.

The single-serving sleeve, small, minuscule, convenient. The single serving of anything goes against my green instincts, but in my example, it’s a fishing trip. Not a common occurrence. I’m not doing this every day.

Because I didn’t find my preferred brand, I happened upon, and wound up with, a few of the Taster’s Choice sleeves.

I’d like to find a product that I sell, something I make, that works the same way. Single-serving sized horoscopes.

I must work on that idea.

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