Shells Seafood in Port A

Started as a idea, but morphed on the phone into this image.

Shells Port A
“Love People
Cook them tasty food”

It wasn’t until I did the google-map thing to get the exact location, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like the instructions weren’t clear, Shells is located in Port A, a town that’s all of about two or three square blocks — not much else. Mostly vacation homes and a few mid-rise condo buildings.

I knew, from their website, Shells looked familiar. It’s across the street from A Laughing Horse Lodge, previously covered.


To do it justice, I should eat there more often, but the food is so good, can’t afford it all the time. I look forward to going back.

I don’t recall everything, just the fact it was good, and filling, fulfilling, but not stuffed or over-full. The kind of place with inspired, local cuisine. Swordfish, fresh tuna, and so forth. Two February birthdays working, late Aquarius and early Pisces. Both blonde.

Port A is island time, and as such, there’s an unhurried pace.

I want to go back and try just appetizers, with the most intriguing – we didn’t it last time – escargot something courtyard. I was guessing it was to imply that the snails were from the restaurant’s front yard.

“No, the courtyard restaurant in Austin, like, you know….”