Mars Retrograde and Red Fish

We launched out of Aransas Pass, early morning. Seemed to go well as we ran into Capt. Ron at a bait stand, “Can’t find ANY live shrimp,” he said.

Motored off through the mist. Cool, not cold, and although the sun was up, the thick fog seemed impenetrable.

I had questions about an image from the previous evening, and Ron got to talking and then shut the boat off. We’d been running with the wind, chatting, and he missed a marker, and we were almost abruptly grounded on an oyster reef. 

Eventually, everyone out of the boat, it floated free, and we were back underway. Fished several spots, not a lot of action, pin fish, tiny snapper, little sand trout, and two very ugly fish, “Those are ‘mother-in-law’ fish.”

So named for the ugly appearance, gaping teeth, and bottom-feeding nature?

Motored off. Fight the wind. The sun threatened to come out. Motored back. Tried a little cut bait, and that’s when the fun started.

First it was Bubba,, with a line stripping, back-breaking, arching pole of fish that sawed the line in two. Some days the fish win.

Then I got mine. 32-inch Big Red. Beefy monster. Took a while to horse him in, and over the slot limit? Free the fighter! Free the breeder! Let my monster go.

Picture and he was back, swimming with the (other) fishes. 

A personal best, too.