Ft. Hood (Central Texas) is one of the largest military bases in the world, as is Ft. Bliss (El Paso). Despite my “hippie” peace-love-waterbeds appearance and demeanor, I’m a big fan of the military (Military Industrial complex).

Rather, I’m a big fan of the individual warriors.

The global outrage of an image of uniformed Marines urinating on the dead corpses of enemy combatants? The outrage is just misplaced.

Imagine, hours earlier, those same soldiers were sustaining incoming fire from those same — now dead — bodies.

The soldiers were victorious, standing and then, making a symbolic gesture over the remains.

The same outrage, is the issue forgotten that the enemy in this situation is using women and children as human shields? Bombing innocent civilians?

The kids, as I’m sure that the US military personnel are probably, at best in the early 20s, if that old, it’s a natural reaction.

The only part that is stupid, to me? Like, posting that on a website. But even I didn’t have discretion at that age.

I think those Marines deserve medals and commendations, not condemnations.