Mercury Retrograde notes

Mercury Retrograde, this time, through the signs, the inherent symbolism –

Recital, Mercury is in apparent retrograde motion 8/2 2150 local time. Roughly 1 degree of Virgo. Backs down to 18 Leo and stops 8/26 at 1620 local time. Data is approximate, but rather useful.

Here’s why:

Understand the symbolism behind the Mercury Retrograde, what area will it highlight and what needs attention there?

Aries: too creative with work ideas? Who was it who said, “Inspiration is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration?” Never mind. I recently published a horoscope with a similar message, musician, less than ten percent of his work was actually making music, the rest was the work associated with making the music, getting to gigs, paying bills, and so forth. This is about putting on a work face and working. Facing work. I call it “digging ditches,” some weekends, the readings are just onerous, one after another. Not much room for fun.

Taurus: Scene from a book, guy was going to adjust the “chi” in his place, but after he balanced it, his desk, couch, kitchen table, dining room set, they were all piled in the back bedroom. Made the situation untenable. Mercury will be a fount of good idea, but now’s not the time to implement those ideas, especially at home.

Standard advice: good time to paint the living room, bad time to pick the color.

Gemini: Stop. Stop. Stop that, too. Family issue will come up. Don’t engage. Recall how Mr. Mercury’s errant pattern drives you insane? Don’t buy into it.

Cancer: I stayed with friends while not one, not two, but three grand-babies came to visit. Pure hell. Video is on Youtube, still. Fun, but exhausting, and when the kids left? The place looked like a tornado blew through. Horrendous. There’s a trade-off, and that’s what this is about.

Leo: Mercury is about making the mighty Leo look at mighty Leo issues. The problem is not everyone will share your level of concern. Work around it.

Virgo: Mercury pattern starts in your sign. Then, to make this worse, slips back into Leo which, in effect, will drag out the worst Virgo nightmares, play them across the big screen of the mind. Understand that it’s your subconscious, just trying to get a message across. OR scare you. Depends.

Libra: Stop and examine how you think you’re perceived by the more general public, whatever that general public might be in your life. It’s how the fans, customers, co-workers, it’s about how they see you.

Scorpio: This one starts easy, and feels like it will miss you, but as soon as the Retrograde gets back to Leo, it hits. There’s a business lesson, one you learned, and you’ll be tested. Again. Or so it feels.

Sagittarius: Starts out with a bang, but gets easier; however, this is about making do with less, for the moment.

Capricorn: doesn’t look like it will be a bad Mercury Retrograde but there’s an issue around how you dole out work, or how you manage, or, for that matter, how you manage not manage. Doesn’t have to get messy, but…

Aquarius: What makes this more difficult, along with other influences, is that Mercury drafts down over one-third of the Leo sky, which, in turn means it’s opposite more than one-third of the Aquarius sky. Not bad, not good, but working with what it illuminates is issues and areas that need to firmed up with others.

Pisces: The added astrological emphasis with Neptune accentuating the effects of Mercury Retrograde, starting opposite Pisces? Those two, then the way Mercury slips back into Leo, the places an extra focus on work. Normally immune, this one will highlight some work project that needs extra attention to detail.