Dandy Char Broiled Burgers

The visual irony might not be obvious. At the corner of US 285 and Riverside Drive. Dandy Char Boiled Burgers. The irony is inside, the coke bottle on the paper cup? Diet Dr. Pepper. Little rich on the mix, makes for a fake sweetness, still, washed down a “Dandy Special,” which was a cheeseburger, drink, fries, the only question? “With Green Chiles?”

Of course, it’s in Espanola. Strange town. It’s New Mexico. I’m pretty sure green chili is served with everything. The burger itself, while I’m unsure of the meat, the patty was grilled, char-grilled, I’m quite sure. A solo cop sat at one table with the serious, homemade chili while an outlaw glared across the room at that cop. Cop wasn’t disturbed. One (very vintage) Ms Pac-Man machine was labeled “broken” while a Sufi followed a Shi’ite, and one guy with a turban was playing a stand-up version of Ms. PacMan. Junior turban, very pale, rather anglo-looking fellow. Young man.

I can’t make this stuff up. Northern New Mexico. Both remote and other-worldly.

One book I looked at claimed aliens landed frequently. Last year, it was the Wal-Mart in Roswell, this year? Espanola. Pretty sure they’ve landed and mated.

Photo, filters, frames: iPhone

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