Hold Them? Fold Them? The time is right….

Alternate subtitle: How to make that launch easy

That’s what this is about, the time is right to do what, hold them or fold them?

One event is a huge success. The next event is marginal, at best, even though the thought, research and marketing is similar.

What determines the difference?

Astrological timing.

When is the next window?

The next “launch date” that is approaching, next moment that requires attention?

Looks like July 1, 2:53 AM, Central time. There’s a host of other pointers that need to accompany that date. It’s in Cancer, and there’s a companion eclipse, this being about the last one in this cycle. As such, it represents a time to draw a beginning to a close.

The start of this is a small idea, launched at home that can blossom into a big idea, fairly quickly. I’m all about symbolic gestures, and right around the first, anytime after that exact moment? Take a symbolic gesture. Make something, do something. Could be as simple as registering a domain name and setting up the first hosting for that idea.

Because Jupiter is in Taurus and Uranus is in Aries, it might be better to wait, just a little bit. Moon hits Leo, July 2, 4 PM. Central Time. Adjust as need be.

Target date, time and inception.