El Paso hot chili

While at Grace’s, I made my now-infamous “wall-marts” chili. In deference to location, and by request, I used only mild, green chili. This recipe was stew meat, ground meat, cubed pork chops, and peppers. Poblano, NM Green, Serrano, JalapeƱo. And spritely tomatillos. Two garlic cloves, couple of old, yellow onions, adjusted to lower the heat coefficient. Whatever I could find at the big box store, namesake and source.

Got a t-shirt and a keyring, t-shirt for the girl back home and key ring to drop in Sister’s birthday envelope. Overnight from El Paso, TX to the Left Coast. God Bless California.

The images, red as is the theme, reflect the dried red “Japanese” peppers, which I find lovely, but my hosts prefer I not use in the cooking.

The chips, it’s a local influence, Las Cruces is about ten miles up the road from Grace and Ken, but Las Cruces, NM is in a different world.

There’s a reason I love this part of the country.

Photos, filters, frame: iPhone.

Back again in August and I get to teach Bare Foot Astrology again.

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