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From a third party, but I’d suspect veracity, duly noted.

James Joyce is credited with saying every novelist has but one story that the novelist tells over and over.

Pink Cake

Pink Cake is a commonplace book.

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Kindle Edition

ISBN-13: 978-1434805751
Every horoscope author has but one horoscope, he retells time and again?

The story would rank as apocryphal, except, I really did hear it. From a high-dollar lawyer buddy. Used it once in a horoscope so I can’t reuse it there. It’s about billing by the hour.

My buddy explained, when he went to the bathroom, if he had to sit down, then it was billable hours, but standing up? That wasn’t billable because there was no time to think. Probably due to paperwork in hand. However, I have developed the art of answering e-mail on a phone while standing at a urinal.

Just gives them something to think about.

Maybe it is the same horoscope, over and over.

You’re reading this — I have faith in you — now, have faith in yourself.