Postcard Moments

Postcard Moment
Started as a simple snapshot of one of the oldest missions in Texas. Mission Concepcion can trace its heritage to the Texas/Louisiana – Spanish/French colonial frontier.

The mission was moved to the current location in 1730. Been an active parish, ever since. For 200 years — and even longer. The building dates from 1731, and was, at one time, the home to what is now St. Mary’s University.

The original image is from a now-deceased point-and-click tourist-type digital image recorder (camera).

Although it’s dated 2009, I’d wager the picture itself was from fall of 2008, but that’s a guess with no substantiation.

I toyed with the digital image to get the requisite sepia tones, then pushed the color back up so it looked like a older photograph.

That side project occasionally yields what I find to be brilliant work. That Mission Concepcion “postcard” is one of them.

In another view.

I’m unsure of the facts, not that short on facts has ever bothered me — I fish and write horoscopes.

So cursory search showed that the mission was finished in 1755, abandoned in 1800, and taken over by the Brothers of Mary in 1855. Still the oldest active parish in the United States. Oldest unrestored stone church.

Other view.

Since the University of Texas has peeled away some of the more recent plaster to reveal the extant and original frescos, I wonder if that appellation still applies.

Sure, why not.