Apple’s tracking devices

Let me say this about that…
Big hue and cry, all over the net with Apple’s iPhone and iPads all serving as personal GPS, big-brother-is-watching, tracking devices.

True story: I was in El Paso, not long ago, and my phone beeped. I was riding in Grace’s truck, and my phone, AT&T, told me that, in Mexico, international data roaming rates applied.

I never left Texas. Never.

Interstate 10 bounces within a few hundred meters of the border, and the closest “cell” tower was obviously in Mexico. I do believe I’ve been annoyed by this in the past.

The tracking data, and it isn’t limited to iPhone and apples and whatnot, every smart phone will track the phone’s access points. Nearest “cell” tower.

Why does naming conventions insist on calling them “cell” phones and “cell” towers? It is no longer “cellular.” All digital. Misnomer. Like irony and decimated.

The illusion that no one is tracking this material? An illusion. However, I’m aware of this. Coolest thing on an iPhone? ‘Airplane mode.’

Turns off the tracking and yet, can still make notes, and take pictures. Not being tracked.

Track this:

Port A Sunset

Hardware: iPhone
Software: iphone app
Location: Mustang Island