Two-Meat Tuesday

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Elaine Ireland — — asked me to teach an astrology unit for her tarot class. The day after April 1. Kind of a cosmic joke on more than one level with Mercury in apparent retrograde motion. When I started on this journey, some years ago, a peculiar and particular Scorpio gave me a set of Tarot Cards.

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Energetically, that deck was “cursed,” in as much a set of cardboard cards can carry negative energy with them. Still have those cards. I picked Tarot cards as a divination method as they were portable, colorful, and meaningful. To me.

The hard facts, dispute as much as needed, but the simple notes are my main man, Chaucer, never mentions Tarot cards in his work. However, the material is shot through with astrological allusions, cf., ‘Intro Wife of Bath,’ &c.

The other point, long since made by dedicated scholars, cardboard playing cards don’t hang around long. So the roots are murky, and European history doesn’t date the Tarot practice any earlier than late Renaissance, Medieval, eras.

That there are connections between the two? That is undeniable.

I worked with cards first, largely from a practical standpoint as it was what was easiest for me to see, and carry, as I traveled the same circuit I’m on these days. I started before there were really laptop computers. Had to have a “desktop” to print charts.

These days, I can do an astrology chart on my phone, if I want. Sometimes, though, that’s just too much trouble. I do have an instant ephemeris, on my phone, and that I like — there’s an app for that.

I studied and studied, and nothing worked until I used the cards to tell time.

The question wasn’t “if” something was going to happen, the answer — it was in the cards — was “when” something would occur.

Who knew?

That’s part of the background, and there’s another part, a previously told story, about how I met Elaine. Over breakfast in a little town in West Texas.