Small is the New Black

Small is the new black
Marketing advice. Really, what I was searching for? Virtual Private Server. Next step up from here, I’m guessing, and a good, orderly direction. It’s why I adopted the tag line “Boutique Horoscopes,” as it fit better than any other way I had to describe what I do.

However, by that definition, and the new phrase, “Small is the new black,” I think I captured an idea. An essence.

This is a one-man show.

I was looking for a decent “how to” manual for the Virtual Private Server, new set-up. Low price, faster delivery. I got stuck reading about all the new marketing material.

Digital Branding
Branding is for cattle. I hardly expect my customers to behave
With herd mentality.

Venn Time
Commerce, content, consumers
(hint: is at the center of all three)

What sets these horoscopes, arguably the most bankable portion of the site, what sets them apart?

Mixed metaphor, run-on sentences, kludgy grammar and bungled code? Eerily prescient at times? Refusing to bow to the odd gods, and say, this is how it will be?

Side bar item: got a call from a guy looking for daily scopes. I pointed out the obvious flaw, my inability to grind out that much, then recanted the tale about most “dailies” are nothing more than seven years of material, recycled.

The daily grind, by the time the moon phase is worked out, the scopes are all the same. One site I know of uses a computer to spit out carefully selected horoscopic keywords that are/used to be good link bait.

Anyway, more bandwidth, less server hassles, faster delivery.

Small really is the new black.

How about “Bespoke Horoscopes?”

Only one of us, small really is the new black.