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It’s a micro-blog question comment. Saw the cutest footer, Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube and “blog” icons, then arrows and what looked like handwritten notes, explaining, Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, and blog, which is Think I need a better button for that.

Still, the best way to contact me is the contact page.

No mention here about a certain 1965 Virgo. I like the 65-66 generation. My people.

Link bait

The links are unused domain names I’ve got. I was disappointed that Sky Friday wasn’t doing better, but oddly enough, it stacks up best in the unused — or under utilized — domains.

Looking long range, runs out of pictures in another year. I can — digitally — scrape for more material, but that’s already culling the rejects. As it stands, none of the two daily photo engines I run are too time consuming. Both accurately claim that “not every picture is good.”

Of the two, the aforementioned and the ubiquitous side project,, Bexar County Line offers the most immediate gratification. It was spawned by weird side trips and haunted railroad tracks in San Antonio, but it’s grown into its very own weird collection.

The “columbian” is really just a place-holder. Typo in my favor.

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