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The Mechanic
The movie was good. Perhaps excellent. As any movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. Always better. During the previews, or, during the wondrous Alamo Drafthouse pre-show, it was another priceless cut.

“Charles Bronson in Die Hipster Scum…”

It was a series of old movie clips culled from the Charles Bronson canon of action films. The voice over, narrative, was all about, as the title would suggest, “Die hipster scum!”

Movie “The Mechanic” was good, very similar plot, revenge and more revenge. Lots of action, blowing stuff up, explosions, bullets, bodies, and cartoon blood. I’m curious how they choreographed the city bus/trash truck wreck/ambush.

Unrelated: Pink Floyd on the Weather Channel –
That’s all. Flipped to check weather, and the local/nation-wide running spots, the background, I didn’t check it against my iPod, but I’m sure it was from “Wish You Were Here” CD. Album, the first time around. Space jazz? Still, isn’t that a sign of the end times?

No Strings Attached
Boy meets girl; girl and boy hook-up. NSA. Relationship is avoided, develops anyway.

Predictable. Still, something funny about it.

The denouement did push the correct emotional buttons, almost involuntarily. Most near made me cry.

The Fine Print:
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