Two-Meat Tuesday

Books versus eBooks:
Client of mine recently bought, and read, a small, kind of expensive book about the astrology of luck. Looking at the book itself, it was clear that it was a self-published work. Needed a touch of editing, if you ask me, and no one did. There was clearly “unfinished” feeling to the text itself. Plain cover, not much information, good ad for the author, but the work itself was a lacking. There was much pagination devoted tables and charts, astrology charts, but not a lot of serious supporting material.

Interesting premise to me, and one that I’m inclined to follow some, but then, it’s a topic that has been done several times over by many different astrologers, and I don’t have anything new to add.

The author – I’m self-published in some cases – has a book that is worth, maybe, one month’s subscription’s price, in informational value. $20 plus expedited shipping and handling? Not worth it, at least, not to me.

As an eBook, or PDF file, perhaps at a much lower price, it would be worth it. The biggest obstacle as there’s really only a few paragraphs of meat, and the rest if fluff, conjecture, pointless rhetoric and gerrymandering.

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Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
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