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Seldom Asked Questions

Q: What is “Two-Meat Tuesday?”
A: A book, or collections of recollections or, better yet, my tenure as an astrologer. Started as “The best of 2004” but expanded to include tenure (10 year).
(paid subscribers have free access to a digital eBook version.)

Q: Who writes the horoscopes?
A: I do. No ghost, no other authors in on this stuff.

Q: Where’s the hot receptionist?
A: She quit, years ago.

Q: Will you do my chart?
A: Be happy to, go to

Q: I have a quick question, would you answer that?
A: Questions are always free; some answers require a cash deposit.

Q: Do you really fish?
A: Yes. When I lived on the river, I fished, literally, every day.

Q: How can I meet you in person?
A: My appearances are published here

Q: How do you come up with this stuff?
A: I only write about my experiences, whether I’ve had them or not.

Q: What’s the deal with the photos?
A: What photos?

Q: The two or three photoblogs, what’s the deal?
A: No deal, those aren’t photos, those are strictly digital images., and the original side project,, they are all collection of strictly digital media, I’d like to think, artfully arranged and displayed. Just digital images, some good, some bad. Mostly bad but a few gems.

Q: Why the pictures?
A: Originally? As a reminder.

Q: Now?
A: It amuses me.

Q: Ophiuchus? The Forgotten Sign? Or “newly discovered” zodiac sign?
A: Old news, astronomers pretending to be astrologers, with here’s the irony, no understanding of the science behind the art.

Q: How often do you Tweet”
A: Find out here (plug in kramerw, see what you get).