License and DRM

I know very little about DRM. Some of my early iTunes purchases have DRM protection. I’m guessing it’s like an old-school condom. Protects but isn’t natural-like. Might smell funny, too.

This is not the end. However, as a quick guide to how the system works, there is this. Slightly vitriolic.

Apple iTunes

I owned a place, once, a business that had a BMI/ASCAP license. As one might surmise, it was ticklish and I — in my role as proprietor — tried to dance that line between unknown and not licensable. Didn’t work.

Struck me at the time as a bit of a racket, licensing music to play, like, just radio play, when the business was not getting paid for playing the music.

I like my ebook pricing as I think it’s a fair. The overhead on ebook is negligible, at best. Kind of a racket, too.

The best comment I can make about my own eBook experiences is that I get to keep most of the payment.

Works for me.