The Virgo

Girlfriend, friend, old buddy, a woman who used to live in the trailer park, how about that? Virgo, that’s even a better appellation. Calls me up. Sort of a drunken, letting the fingers do the dialing when we can’t walk thing, but not really.

Back in grad school, apparently. Cool to hear from, nice to hear my voice, etc.

“I signed up for your free thing, but I can’t just login and look at my horoscopes anymore, I guess.”

Guessed right about that.

Been seven years now since I went to the Pay-per-view way of looking a things. Works quite well for me. Cut down on spam. I haven’t had nearly as many cranky notes from casual readers with no clue.

I do get thoughtful and occasionally thought-provoking comments. The hate mail has dropped to almost nothing, and I’m glad about that.

There was a long entry about “open-source” compared with private enterprise. While that was software, and I write horoscopes, there is similarity.


With my work, it’s there, in quantity, each week, in a timely fashion. Some people read only his or her horoscope, and I’ve suggested the variety format, like, look at the rising sign and the sun sign and maybe the moon sign. Depends. The big three elements are worth a gander, for sure.

That, plus the audio-video in the early part of the week rounds out the delivery.

Worth it? It’s subjective, at best. Not an objective answer at all.

It does bring back some of the joy in this task, the weekly grind of a column that runs about three to four times as long as other, similar scopes.

Then too, there is my longevity. Been at this a while. Got the scars to prove it.

Mercury is in Retrograde, what can you expect?

There’s the flip side to the net-hippie, open-source question. I clearly use professionally written, hand-crafted micro-brew software. Much like my own work, it’s a little off to one side of mainstream, but the truth is, the paid-for work is better. Support’s been absolutely amazing for both bits that I like so well:

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