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Rattling around in my brain, left over data, a snippet of an interview with Hank III from one or two albums back, the big, double CD set, I think. He rattled off, the second CD is a strange journey through time and space, and – apparently – much of it was mixed down on a cheap $500 TASCAM.

Don’t quote me, I’m doing that one from pure biological data recall. What impressed me was the D-I-Y ability that the original 4-track deck provided. Didn’t need a studio for that studio sound.

The four-track idea stuck with me. On any given afternoon, when I’m looking at an astrology chart, when I’m mapping someone’s possible future, I’ll be working with several different “schools” of astrology.


Mix, match, blend. Get a professional-sounding product for a lot less.

The metaphor falls off the rails with demo and product. Noble start, though.


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