The Mayor

I’ve almost run into the mayor of San Antonio. Twice. Threes times now. Young guy, certainly younger than me, and young looking, too. Clearly “Hispanic,” or, “Latin,” or, in the local vernacular, Mexican. Not a term of derision, no scorn or malice in the phrase.

The demographic refers to whatever allegiance and population, genetic markings are intrinsic with true area natives. I suspect, to listen to my truly native friends, everyone is descended from pure Castilian blood lines.


Looking at the mayor, two, three times now, it’s easy to see that as a possibility.

To be brutally honest, though, the “pure” Spanish blood is doubtful, outside of old Spain. One friend with pale-blue eyes can make the claim, but again, begs the question about northern European ancestry on the other side of the family tree. Got to be some Norwegian/Germanic genetic stock for that. Families and gene pools are such a random draw.

The mayor, Julian Castro, he looks true San Antonio. Funny bit about that last name? “Castro?” It’s French, at least in local lore. French surveyor – turned artist – founded Castroville, TX? Heard if it? No? Never mind. One of my useless horoscope facts.

Almost running into the mayor, what, three times now? Made me wonder. I would vote for him. I tend to vote based upon my own, internal astrological indications. Although he doesn’t look it, the mayor is Virgo.

He’s listed as Roman Catholic, probably devout, or, at least devoted. His office, the city council chambers and the ever-engaging Main Plaza, with its historic and active cathedral, all in one place.

Me? I’m not South Texas native. My skin’s too fair, not Catholic enough. When I’m in town, I make a serious effort to stop in one or more of the Mission Cathedrals for prayer. Again, I’m pretty sure I’m not praying to the catholic god, but I’ve long suspected that Meso-American Catholicism bears only titular connections with the Mother Church at the Vatican.

In one of the missions, the centuries-old sanctuary has the usual crucifix over the altar. However, flanking the centerpiece and more revered, Mother Maria and the Virgen de Guadalupe grace the transepts.

The mayor’s council chambers are facing the main plaza with the southern edge being the old Bexar County Courthouse in all its red splendor with the San Fernando Cathedral just steps away.

At once, San Antonio de Bexar is old and new. The problem facing the town, facing the mayor, I have to wonder, being born there, raised there, living and working in this cross-cultural mixture, do they see the beauty, the inherent color?

The last time, it was the mayor in the mall. A girl, woman, working at one the cart-kiosk stands,she said hello, and he paused for a handshake and nice word. Politician. They are all the same.

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