Out of this world Red Monday

This works on so many different levels for me. As an astrologer, the horoscopes lump me into the ‘new age’ group. The Pleiadians, so-called ‘star children,’ are part of the mythology.

The image is from Main Street in Roswell, NM, which, to be fair, is really in section of New Mexico that’s called Little Texas. That is one of the weirdest, and as a long-term Austin resident, I mean even weirder than Austin, towns. With my finely tuned sense of irony, and a firm grip on lack of reality, plus a well-worn sense of the absurd, Roswell was a fun visit.

Red Guitar (Dickie Betts allusion), red drums, red banners, worked.

The surest sign that there really are aliens? They haven’t tried to contact us.

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