Ojo Caliente Hollyhock

Northern New Mexico Hollyhock. Captured in Ojo Caliente.

Limits of hardware…

Co-ed Naked Blogging:
It started with a single T-Shirt. The lettering was “Co-ed Naked Journalism.” Still got that T-shirt, probably more for its personal historical value than anything else. I’m sure, given the time and the title, it was reflection on previous t-shirt slogan, like “co-ed naked lacrosse.” Or a similar tagline from that era and ilk.

Throw me down that hole with Alice.

So that was how I wound up in Ojo Caliente (NM), which, of no importance, is in Taos County. Consider it a lock on a market. Went for the healing waters, hot springs that are non-sulphur. Soaked in a private tub, was going to get a two-hour soak, but ended up with just an hour and then a massage. Hot tub, natural, spring-fed hot water, under the clear NM sky. Wonderful experience, in and of itself.

Throw me down that hole with Alice.

In a private tub, I alternated between soaking in the hot water and stretched out, fully exposed, cooling off, then back in the water then out in the sun. Underexposed flesh was pale white.

Been years since I sat naked on the rocks in Austin (couple of nude beaches in Austin) so, although it’s been tan before, it was lily white. Not so much now.

Throw me down that hole with Alice.

Massage Therapist comes out, named Rebecca. “Get undressed to your level of comfort, and I’ll knock before I come back in.” I strip naked, I mean, I’m sure, as a professional, she had her name on the door, she’s seen it all.

Throw me down that hole with Alice.

“Anything I need to know about, injuries?”

“What’s your birthday?”

“Dec. 11.”

“Sagittarius. I love Sag women.”

I relaxed.

Throw me down that hole with Alice.

Strong, supple hands. Worked with the right amount of pressure, and there was a spot on my back, I was expecting pain from her pressure, only, it wasn’t painful. Released plenty of pent-up toxins, I’m sure.

That was the best massage I ever got.