Musical Notes

Hat-Tip to TFG:
Sitting on an airplane, going nowhere fast, I got to wondering. Why the Honky-punk?

It wasn’t until I had some discussion with Scott about the music and it’s genre, I finally got a handle on it. While I was too young for the real punk on it’s first iteration, although, I can understand it, emotionally feel tied it’s vibrancy, I wasn’t around. Flip that around, though, think about Austin’s “The Big Boys,” and it all slowly fits into place.

The drive itself is that leftover childhood rebelliousness – coupled with a sense of place, the so-called “county” music. A ugly bizarre success story from these disparate threads would be the late, great Doug Sahm. He blended the local essence with the new “rock and roll” sounds.

What I like about the honky-punk, Hell-Billy music is not the homage so much as a complete embrace of certain traditional standards like musical arrangements, alongside the less than lyrical vocal portion.

Appalachia fiddles meet screaming devil rock. How cool is that?

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